Self-taught, he began his artistic career by experimenting with different painting techniques. In a constant search for balance between aesthetics and concept, in 2006 the creative turning point with the Soldiers cycle determined what today has become his stylistic code, the collage of plastic toy soldiers.

Through the use of colored toy soldiers and other small elements, obsessively aligned on the canvas that form geographic maps, circles and ranks and other highly plastic installations, he reaffirms the geo-historical presence of a constant and dominant thought of war, seeking to weaken its distressing presence with the fantastic transfiguration of the elements linked to the battle such as soldiers and tanks wisely used as if they were strokes of color.

In 2016 with the urban installation Barricades, which lays the foundations for a new expressive cycle, the artist investigates the concept of “limits” and through the use of anti-tank barricades and color, begins a new path of dialogue with the viewer.


” Why do children play with an object that represents war was the first question I asked myself. I try to demolish the boundaries that exist between the form and its conceptual content with the idea of ​​ennobling the toy soldier, through its reuse.”

Paolo Ceribelli